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Welcome to the next generation of bio-polymers.

What if your Chitin and Chitosan supply were lower cost, carbon-negative and supreme quality?

Industry-leading price

Carbon-negative production

100% US-based supply-chain


Powered by a next-gen production process

Our patented bio-polymers production process is based on enzymatic extraction. Our process is completely waste-free. This allows us to harvest multiple bio-polymers aside from Chitin and Chitosan, and unlocks industry-leading price points.

Our manufacturing process uses seafood waste as feedstock. This helps our planet in 2 ways: valorizing already-harvested natural resources and preventing carbon emissions from waste in landfills.

Sourced from seafood waste

Born at Harvard University

SeaCycle is a venture founded by Harvard scholars as the outcome of a decades-long research effort. Our mission is nothing less than end-to-end valorization of seafood-waste to provide bio-polymers needed for the green transition.

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